Sunday, February 25, 2007

So I decided make lists of things… you know..
10 best things you remember from your childhood and the 10 worst ones
10 best books that you have read and the 10 worst ones
10 best movies that you have seen and the 10 worst ones
10 best places that you have visited and the 10 worst ones

You get the gist of what I mean?

I realize that to list 10 things may be a bit ambitious, it might be better to stick to 5.. or perhaps even 3. Dredging up things from the murky depths of memory might be slightly difficult. Also10 best places and 10 worst ones assumes that I have visited 20 or more places. Which sitting here in Kochi, is something I can only dream of.

Just throwing the idea of movies around with Kichu, I find I’m thinking of many dos and don’ts. Do I add movies in all languages or do I stick with only English/only Hindi/only Malayalam?? All the movies that come to mind are funny ones.. should I include only those? Or for a list to be truly inclusive does it have to have movies of all genres? Or perhaps I should do different lists of movies – Humour/action/drama. As Bertie Wooster would say, the mind boggles at the permutations possible.

What is it with asking so many instructions (or guidelines, for want of a better word)? I think a lifetime spent in following instructions does this to people. One can’t function without the help of a flowchart. If A happens, go to step C. If B happens go to step D. Our whole life is charted out and God help those who step out of line!!! What I wouldn’t give for some spontaneity. To be able to just go whenever I want to and stop whenever I like. To be able to laze around all day and not feel guilty about it. And most important of all, to be able to afford to do so!! AHA! Therein lies the crux of the matter..