Saturday, July 7, 2007

I walked past Palace Road today with the heavenly smell of coffee being ground wafting up from one of the shops there. It is cold, wet and windy and that smell just makes me want to curl up in the corner of a room with a hot mug of fresh coffee in my hand, a few cushions around and a good book in my hand. Smells transport me to places I have been and memories that are buried deep.

Smells I love..

..fresh ground coffee..
..newly wet earth after the first rain....
..the smell from the pages of books - particularly old ones, new ones and in between ones...
..of a classroom in the holidays.. try it, it smells of chalk and wood
..jasmine from outside my bedroom window...
..Johnsons baby powder on a baby..
..freshly cut grass..
..laundered sundried clothes..
..the smell of peeled oranges..
..of crushed lime leaves..

These are just top of the hat, Im sure if I thought about it there would be more.



I was going through old photographs that Kuttenmama has preserved so carefully and meticulously. I cannot tell you the number of photos he has got.He has shelves full of them at home and at the office. Photos taken of various functions that we have conducted, attended ,were invited to, somehow slipped into the periphery, or in other unsuspecting ways were victims of camera mania. Now I am not a big fan of fotos, not just because I am not photgenic and I never come out well in any of them,but also because I dont like the amount of time and money spent on taking photos of people from different angles which then gathers dust in some corner of the house.I do enjoy seeing well taken portraits of say an Aishwarya Rai or a Sreedevi.

But I object to having photos of random people eating,staring hopefully at the camera,or doing things that, if they knew would be captured for posterity by a trigger happy person, they would never have done.

I object to seeing wedding photos, annniversary fotos, birthday fotos, office or workplace function fotos of people I do not know and will probably never meet.

I object to having wedding albums that weigh a ton thrust at me where I have to dutifully turn pages and comment on people I know nothing about.

If I looked like Aishwarya or photographed like her perhaps I would change my mind!!!!