Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hmmm........ been a long time.. Have been wondering whether to continue with this blog or not....but I decided that since I started it, I better stick with it..

A lot has happened in the last one year. Both kids have moved out, its just Rajendran Kuttenmama and me here at home now. How do we spend the evening??

1. Kuttenmama listens to religious texts on his rigged up system as he lies on his bed.. I swear he is more techno savy than Rajendran and me.
2. Rajendran puts on a channel on the downstairs TV , watches for some time. goes upstairs. puts on same channel on upstairs TV. has bath with volume so high that I can mute the Downstairs TV and still hear the dialogues. Is most upset when he comes down and sees that I have changed channels.
3. I surf the net, check mail, speak to kids , get dinner.

What exciting lives we lead!!!